Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kids Live Here...

Here's to keeping it real.

We have a houseful of little ones...

One of the hardest challenges of motherhood so far for me has been
letting things go. The house is usually pretty messy. It drives me crazy.
Its not always dirty, but its usually messy. Cluttered. Heaped.
 The chairs are never pushed in.
 There are always water spills here and there.
 The blankets and pillows are everywhere but the beds.
 The bookshelves are empty.
 The children's bedroom usually looks like a garage sale,
 and our room often looks like a "daycare."
 But everyone is healthy, happy, and loved...
 I have to remind myself often that that happiness is much more
 important than a spotless house.
After all, the house can wait to be perfect, but the little ones can't wait to be loved!

Do you have to remind yourself too?


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  1. Sooo true. I've thought about making a post about this too!! I got a bit wet in my eyes while reading this... all the "footprints" of life all over the house. That's the way it should be, but OH it's so hard to remember that so often! <3 kaisa


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