Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Anthro Inspired Horse Print Pillow With Flowers & Feathers

I was looking for a unique design for a pillow for my Mum...
 When I came across this Anthropologie Print, I couldn't wait to make it into a pillow!

I first gathered up a bunch of flowers I made- some of these, these, these, these, these, these, a few felted balls, and some small feathers.

Then I used pencil to lightly sketch the horse onto a piece of fabric- using the image as a reference. I traced over it with black fabric paint and a small paint brush. I sewed a piece of felt over the horse's mane, and then used this tutorial to make a pillow sham with it. 

Then I glued the feathers onto a piece of felt (sticking down off it) and then glued the flowers on top using hot glue.  I used hot glue to attach the felt with flowers to the felt on the pillow cover. That's it! 
I already had the flowers done and in my stash, so this project only took me a couple hours total! Now I'm dreaming of other animals I could do with a flower crown. :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arrow Baby Blanket DIY

Darling little baby nook
That soft cream blanket on the side of the baby crib there?
You can make it for just a few dollars!!!

First, buy 1.25 yrds cotton gauze fabric and hem it to make a blanket, like this gold dot one I made here.

Then lay your fabric on newspaper, wax paper, or some smooth surface you don't rightly care about. Using a Sharpie permanent marker, sketch arrows onto the gauze where you'd like.
Then trace the arrows over a few times. This will cause the ink to bleed through so you can see your print from the other side of the blanket as well.

Have fun with different shapes and colors!
Have the best day ever!


Patchwork Puppy Pillow Anthro Knock Off

I made this patchwork puppy pillow for free using scraps!
I want this, but it's $200!! What the heck?? Patchwork Hound Pillow   #anthropologie
Anthropologie had this one for sale for $198!!!!
I feel so thrifty. ;)
First I sketched the puppy on paper. Then I cut out pieces of the paper puppy, tracing the pieces onto fabric before cutting the next piece.
I sewed them together (on sewing machine) as I went along.
I made it for my Mum. I think she likes it. :)

My Grandma saw it and made one of her dog....
I'll have to get a pic of hers for you guys!

Happy Sewing!
Thanks for stopping by.

Science Experiment: Make Oobleck With the Kids!

This winter has been a hard one here in Michigan.
Today was another snow day, after lovely preview of spring weather!
To keep from going crazy, the kids made Oobleck.
I haven't made this stuff since I was a kid... I had as much fun with it as they did! :)


1/2 cup cornstarch
3/4 cup water

Mix them up in a bowl, and have fun!
It is so neat how it acts like a liquid when poured, yet you can still pick it up! 

I had the kids wear their aprons to keep their clothes clean.
We just scraped it off the counter and into the garbage, and then used water to wipe up the rest when we were done. The bits that fell on the floor swept right up. Pretty easy cleanup!
(Waaay easier than elephant toothpaste clean up!) 

This stuff matches the fresh snow in our yard...
Lets all get out our rain boots and do a spring dance, k?

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY Natural Chest Vapor Rub Recipe Tutorial For Cough & Congestion

The first time I made this natural vapor rub, it was the middle of the night. 
My toddler was coughing and congested and moaning and miserable. I was desperate.
I mixed up a small bit of this and rubbed it on her feet. 
She kept crying. I rubbed it on her chest and her back. 
She melted into me, finally relaxed. Her breathing calmed. Her coughing stopped. 
She went back to sleep immediately. I couldn't believe my luck.
I have since used this rub countless times, for my entire family. It really works!
I keep it on my nightstand, always. 
It is cheap, safe, easy to make, and pleasant to smell!

Natural Vapor Rub Recipe

2 oz Coconut Oil
20 drops Eucalyptus Oil
15 drops Peppermint Oil
10 drops Lavender Oil

Place coconut oil in a seal-able airtight container. Place coconut oil in direct sunlight until melted into liquid (or microwave for a few seconds until liquid). Stir essential oils into coconut oil. Let harden at room temp.  

To use: Rub a very small amount (1/8- 1/4 tsp) onto chest and/or back to help ease coughs/colds/congestion/ and headaches. OR Place on a tissue or rag nearby face, as to breath it in. 

Tip: Putting a little on a bib works well for toddlers!
Note: I am not a doctor/herbalist, I am simply sharing what works for me and my family. Please do not consider this medical advice. You may want to consult with your doctor before trying this with your family!

Thanks for stopping by!
Let me know how you like it if you try it! :)