Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Girl Gift DIY

I am super cheap frugal, 
and I hate spending $$$$ on things 
I could just make from my stash.  

So today I made a baby gift for my friend 
who is due this summer with a baby girl...

I used a onesie from target, a little pair of pants from the closet for a pattern, a vintage sheet, a piece of soft fabric from my scrap bin, some ribbons, and a short piece of elastic.

Baby Girl Pants Tutorial

 First, I stitched up the ruffle that was around the 
edges to make it more of a bubble than a ruffle. 
 Use the pants to cut out two 
identical pattern pieces like the below image.
(If your sheet doesn't have a ruffle, 
Just use the existing hem for the bottom hem!)
 Open the two pieces up, and pin them, right sides together 
from the waist down to the corner where the leg starts. 
Now sew or serge where you pinned.
 Now turn the pants so that the seams you just made line up on top and bottom. Pin the inside of the legs, 
and sew or serge along the pins. 
I use a stitch on my sewing machine that looks like the letter E.
Now turn the pants right side in and
trim the top with pinking shears (or serge along the edge).
Trim the front of the waist slightly shorter.
 Using your baby pants again as a guide, 
fold the waist inward to match the height and iron.
(iron all your seams while your at it, it looks good!)
 Now sew the waist in place leaving an opening 
to put the elastic into. I used 1" elastic, 
so I stitched the waist fold a little bit bigger 
than 1" down from the top. 

I used the band on my pattern pants 
to determine the length of elastic I cut.
Pull the elastic through using a large safety pin. 
 Laying the elastic flat on top of itself, 
sew it together into a circle using a zigzag stitch.
Finish sewing the waist shut.
Add a brand tag onto the back if you have one.
 Your pants are finished! :)

Applique Baby Tee Tutorial

To add to the onesie, I cut two flowers from the same vintage sheet and pinned them where I wanted them.
Then, using a buttonhole(on the front) or a zigzag(on the back) stitch on my sewing machine, 
I just stitched around the edges of the flowers. 

 That's it for the shirt!

 I also made a snugly using a tutorial found in this book.

Happy Sewing!
If you have any questions, please ask!


  1. That onesie is too cute. You've got some serious talent :)

  2. Very cute...I love that taggie blanket!

  3. Super adorable! I have some left over fabric here and will to do something like what you posted. Once done and if I'm satisfied with it, I might even give it as baby gifts to my friends' daughters. I'm so excited to try it out!

    1. Thank you! :) If you do, be sure to email me a pic, I'd love to see what you whip out! sylvieliv(at)yahoo(dot)com


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