Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grand Rapids Part I

Hubby and I packed up the family and took a little trip to Grand Rapids, MI this past weekend. 

We had some snacks and enjoyed the pretty weather on the way.

The kids slept most of the way, until we arrived in the neat city.

 There is just so much to see even just driving around.

There is art everywhere.

We spent some time at the Public Museum,

where we enjoyed the old fashioned displays.

 My hubby was very intrigued by the old print shop.

The sights and smells brought memories of his Dad's old shop.

 The carousel horses always look so overworked, 
but the kids sure enjoyed them.

They also loved the humongous blue whale skeleton.

And Hubby spent a while looking at the biplane and plane engine.

That is all for today, I'll share more of our trip when I can! :)

Happy Monday, have a good week! :)


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