Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer Mantle and Coffee Filter Light Tutorial

I finally jumped on the coffee filter project bandwagon
and I am pleased with my results! 
This project was super cheap and easy...

Wanna make one? Here is what you'll need:
I got the LED light from IKEA, and reused a lid from Coldstone Creamery
First, make a "pocket" on the back of the lid using packaging tape.
I folded a piece of tape in half, cut it to size and stuck it inside, 
so that the inside isn't sticky.
Now, put the pencil eraser in the center of 2-3 filters at a time and fold it down over the pencil as shown:
Repeat with all the filters.
Glue them onto the plastic lid using hot glue.
Glue the short piece of ribbon into a loop on the back to hang it on.
Tuck the LED light into the tape pocket.
You're finished! Now find a good spot to display it on a tack!
Our new kitten, Simon thought he'd join the photoshoot! :)

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