Monday, May 7, 2012

Grand Rapids Part II

We stayed at the JW Marriot,

way up on the 21st floor.

Our room overlooked the river.

The views from up there were so neat! :)

The kids loved that they could see the carousel they rode earlier.

We enjoyed playing with our camera to get sweet shots.

It was lovely to have Starbucks just downstairs!

We walked to Friday's for dinner, yumm!

We relaxed in the pool, hot tub, and steam room.

Saturday morning, we chilled in our room, watching the city.

And then went to Marie Catrib's for lunch.

They are so pleasant there! 
(And the food is delicious)

I had to remember to put my camera down and enjoy the city through my own eyes rather than the camera lens! :)

After lunch, we went to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

The kids loved it. The light table was one of their favorites! 

We had such a nice time together. 

My hubby held up ok through it all, but was so sore the morning after we got home.  He still needs strong pain meds a lot of the time. He saw the doctor today, and he will be seeing a neurologist to do nerve testing, as well as an orthopedic surgeon to see if he'll need surgery on the one collar bone that isn't going back in place. He won't be going back to work for at least 3 more weeks. 

He amazes me with how positive and patient he is through it all. I am so thankful that he is this way, I find myself impatiently wishing for some normalcy again in our lives! 

Thanks for reading! 


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  1. How nice for you all with some well deserved familytime!! Many thoughts and prayers ur way. You do have a great hubby, all our love and salutes from us to him.


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