Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Camera

I got a lovely new camera for my birthday earlier this spring.
Here are some of my favorite pics I've snapped while trying to figure this thing out!
 The spring blooms are so cheerful,
 and the green leaves feel like summer. 
 The herbs and chives are already adding flavor to our meals.
 I can't wait to see how big my alium will be in full bloom!
 There is something so neat about the seeds of the dandelion,
 they seem so perfect,
against the evening sky .
 We had a visit from our interesting neighbor...
 Even the blooms of weeds are a welcome sight at this time of year.
The kids love spending time in the park finding new things,
 and new places too.
  And Mom loves finding new things to shoot!
Especially with a new, better camera! 

Thanks again, to my Hubby for the sweet gift! :)



  1. That first picture of the dandelion is awesome! I love it!

  2. :) Thank you. It is SO gratifying to get shots like that!


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