Here is a list of tutorials and DIY projects that I have completed.
I hope you find much inspiration! 
Don't forget to check back often for new projects!

Make a Swiss Cross Plus Pillow

Basket to Light

Make A Baby Mobile

DIY Moccasins

Sweatshirt to Dress

Make XL Knitting Needles

No Sew Sweater To Cowl Scarf

Make a Gold Dot Swaddling Blanket

Finishing Serged Seams: Tip

Baby Outfit DIY

Mountain Baby Outfit DIY

Mom Skirt to Girls Dress

Plus Stamped Blanket

Diamond Wall Art

Dining Set Redo

City Map Art

Dot Wall

Vintage Dress Redo

Origami Boxes

Plexiglas Decor

Mom's Dress To Girl's Dress

Flower Crown

Boys Wallets

Dress Redo

Baby Outfit DIY

Linen Dress

Woman's to Girls Cardigan Refashion

Sunki Dress

Bouncy Seat Redo

Scalloped Knit Hats

Tassel Garland

Valentine Decor From Old Maps

Valentine Window Decor 

Star Ornaments

Penguins From Scraps

Mustache Set

Fabric Balls From Scraps

Superhero/ Bandit Mask

Lined Boys Pants

Ruffle Skirt Refashion

Tee to Pencil Skirt

Doily Backpack Purse

Felt or Paper Rosettes

Cardigan Redo

Using A Double Needle

Princess Outfit

Princess Crown

Prince Cape

Prince Crown

Dye Your Clothes Mint Green

Twine Wrapped Vase

Patch A Hole In Pants

Stenciling Fabric

XL Shirt to Girl's Dress

Baby Gift

Hat Redo

Birch Bark Flag Cake Toppers

Birch Bark Paper

Stained Skirt Fixed

Sheer Flower

 Felted Wool Balls

Doily Pacifier Clip

Baby Girl Gift

Custom Bulletin Board

Ceramic Urn Redo

Industrial Shelf

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