Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Copycat Girl's Dress Tutorial For FREE!

Check out this knock off dress I made!! 
The dress pictured on the left is a Chloe dress found here.
I most definitely can't spend $135 on a dress for a preschooler so  I made it... with stuff I had! 
I repurposed an old sweatshirt into a Chloe look alike dress!
And I'm pleased. It took 1-2 hrs. Here is what I did:

Find s dress with similar fabric stretchiness to use as a pattern.
Cut the sides of the sweatshirt up to a couple inches below the armpits.
Use the length from the inside of the neck to the sleeve end to get your sleeve size- as shown:
Cut the cuffs off- to use. You should have something like this:
Cut the cuff pieces open.
Open the sleeve, and place the cuff on top- right sides together.
Start pinning in the center and then bunch the edges inward
as you pin the sides together.
Sew/ serge the cuff onto the sleeve. Pull the layers tight while sewing so they line up- gathering the sleeve piece slightly.
Turn the whole situation inside out and pin the sleeves and sides.
Sew/ serge along the pins.
I drafted my own pattern for a Peter Pan collar that is not attached.
 It just ties in the back. (That's a whole separate tutorial... should I write one for ya?)
I used fabric from my stash for the collar.
I think I want one for myself! My daughter's closet is much cuter than mine these days. :)

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  1. Super cute!!! I absolutely love all of your DIYs! I need a sewing machine!

  2. Love this, THanks! And I would LOVE to see the tutorial for the peter pan collar!

  3. That looks great! I love making old into new! I am going to the closet now to find an old sweatshirt...

  4. That is awesome works, it puts creativity and fashioned to honed such skills. It is perfect cool birthday gifts .


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