Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Here In Michigan

It's quite the blustery winter here in Michigan.
I think its beautiful.

But it still seems like all winter we hold our breath, just waiting for springtime. But its not all bad. It is cozy in this warm house. There is no better time for hot soup and warm bread sticks. The fun of pairing scarves with hats and coats with mittens is something I look forward to in those warm summer months. The yard maintenance is minimal now. The kids go to bed better in the dark. Fluffy blankets, chunky sweaters, spice tea, and tall boots.

Its not all bad my dears. Its not all bad.



  1. Your first photo is stunning.

    Thank you for being so positive. There is a bright and cozy side in these days where the sun shines less.

    Blessings to you, Sylvie.

  2. Hey Sylvie, your photobucket bandwith is used up! You musta had a spike of views recently or something. Either way it affects all pictures posted on photobucket, so pretty much your whole blog.


  3. Hi, Sylvie! It's Rebecca from over at A Simple Modern Life. I just realized that you are in Michigan (sorry, I must have skimmed over that part in your "about". My husband has a potential job in Michigan and we've never been there. If you could please contact me with your likes and dislikes, that would be awesome! I love those pictures! GORGEOUS!


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