Etsy Shop

  My husband and I run our home-based business SylvieLiv, where we strive to create beautiful handmade products for you and your home.  We strive to be practical. We are parents. We are imaginative. We are passionate about our work. We are perfectionists to a fault... Really, our friends often tell us to stop worrying about the details! We love working with our hands, homemade ice cream, and watching our little ones learn new things. We both enjoy creating things while we probably should be sleeping!  
  My husband has enjoyed metal working since he was a little boy, working with his dad in his shop.  They have created everything from the banister on their stairs, to their car parts. He now spends every extra minute he can find building new things in his shop.
   I have enjoyed sewing and crafting since I was a little girl, creating pretty things with my very artistic grandmother. Grandma used to have tea parties with her granddaughters where we'd make quilts and clothing for our dolls. I now spend any extra minute I can find at my sewing machine, glue gun, or with my scissors.    

  We are just getting started, pursuing our dream of working as a team to create beautiful items for others to enjoy. Come check out our shop!