Friday, November 2, 2012

Tee Shirt To Pencil Skirt Tutorial

Here is a super simple and quick project for you to try! 
I like to make these skirts to wear as a layer underneath long shirts that are not quite long enough! All you need is a plus size tee shirt (Mine was $1 at the thrift store), fabric scissors, pins, and a sewing machine.
1. Measure around your hips, and measure from your hip down to the length you want the skirt. Size of the rectangle = half your hip measurement x your desired length. Using the existing hem on the shirt, cut two rectangles from the shirt. 
2. Using the remaining shirt, cut another two rectangles for the waist band. Cut these ones 6 inches tall and half your hip measurement wide.
3. Pin the large pieces together, and sew along both longer sides. Fold the waist pieces in half the long way, pin them together with folded sides together, and sew them together along the short ends.
4. Turn your skirt right side out. Pull the Waist piece around the top of the skirt and pin the waist piece to the skirt, right sides facing- folded part of waist band towards bottom of skirt. Sew along the pins being careful not to sew the skirt right shut!

That's it! :) Don't you love simple, fast, cheap projects?!
I sure do!  
Have a good wknd! 

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