Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Gift Series: Preschool Age Girl Ideas

It seems that as a child gets older, it is more and more fun to shop for them for Christmas and Birthdays. Or maybe I'm just plain becoming more and more of a shopaholic! Dangerous situation, either way! :)

Christmas Gift Ideas For Preschool Age Girl...

Child's scandinavian softie toy bunny rabbit plush retro Swedish Flower
Stars Scarf
Dollhouse_Modern_01 copy
DUKTIG 10-piece coffee/tea set IKEA Encourages role play; children develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.
Set of 9 vintage French flash cards showing people, clothing and body parts
Bea, a little deer...

What fun Christmas is for young children! It is still so magical to them. As a small child, I remember a feeling of all being well with everything and everyone at Christmas time... 
It is still a beautiful time to me, but the stress can put a lil damper on it. And I am no longer able to lose myself to my imagination as I did so often as a child. :) It sure is neat to see it all through the eyes of my children though! :)


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