Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencil Aviator Shirt Tutorial

Did you know that you can easily make perfect designs on fabric using freezer paper? Yep, the kitchen kind used to wrap meat, sandwiches, etc!

Here what you will need:
Freezer Paper (Can be found in Grocery Stores or amazon.com)
Xacto Knife
Cutting Mat (or old magazine)
Fabric Paint (I got mine here)
Paint Sponge Brush
Iron & Ironing Board

Here is how it' s done:
First draw The design you want to use onto the paper,
 and then cut out using Xacto blade and cutting mat.
 Using a hot iron with the STEAM OFF,
 press the stencil onto the fabric, waxy/ shiny side DOWN.
Continue to press until all edges of the paper 
are securely attached to the fabric. 
 Then, using fabric paint and sponge brush, paint in the stencil.
 Use an up and down motion for best results.
 Allow paint to dry, and carefully peel away to paper.
In places of small detail, use your knife to help peel the paper away.
Press the painted stencil with a cool iron to help it bond.
You can reuse your paper as long as it holds up! :)
Have fun! 


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  1. Oh! I just got a whole batch of white onesies for my soon-to-be-arriving son! I MUST make him an aviator one! Thanks for posting!


    1. Oh I hope you do, it is such a quick project! Send me a pic if you do! :) sylvieliv (at) yahoo (dot) com


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