Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Upcycled Mom's Shrunk Sweater To Child's Sweater

My entry into Shwin&Shwin's Link Party  sponsored by Appliances Online.
I picked up a nice cotton sweater for myself at a thrift store...
And then I shrunk it in the dryer. :(

So I turned it into a child's size sweater instead! Problem solved!

I forgot to take pics, so I'll show you how with drawings.
Drawing is not my strong point, don't judge! ;)

First using another child's sweater as a pattern, I cut the pieces:
Then, I opened up the pieces and pinned the sleeves to the body.
Right sides facing.
 This is the only point I remembered to snap a pic. Don't ask why!
 Then fold the sweater right sides in, into a sweater shape, pin, and sew:
Turn the sweater right side out. Sew the cuff pieces into a loop
the same size as the sweater bottom. Pin the right side of the cuff
against the right side of the sweater, with the raw cut ends together. Sew along the pins:
Trim your excess seams and threads, iron seams, and you are finished! :)
This is an easy recycling project for any adult clothes 
that the neck is small enough for a child!

Have fun! 

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