Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patch A Hole In Leggings: A Photo Tutorial

All the little Liv's are forever making holes in their clothes playing rough!
Here is a quick money saving project for you! :)

You could make the patch a heart, oval, or star shape, that'd be cute too!
Enjoy fixing up those clothes! 

P.S. I showed these to Mr. Liv... "I thought you hate hearts!" he said.
Weeeell... I did. Like when we moved into our home, the first change I made was
 to rip down the shutters that had heart cutouts on them... 
And the bathroom was decked out in wood heart cutouts- those came down too. 
Buuuut... I like hearts again... just not wood heart cutouts! ;)

Poor Mr. Liv, he'll never know what I like! :)

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