Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls Upcycled Linen Dress

Here is another little dress I made from an old shirt.
I love upcycling old clothes, because you don't have to hem the
 edges- it is already done for you!
I made this dress the same way I usually do,
using  this tutorial that I posted last March.

I simply use an old dress as a pattern...
cut it to size, and sew it back together.
This shirt had buttons and no stretch,
so I used another dress that was the same.
 The only thing I did differently this time 
than I did with previous dresses, was sew a 
piece of doily trim around the neckline just for fun.

I sure am pleased with how it turned out! 

Now go dig in your closet, and whip one out for the girl in your life! 

:) Have a nice day! 


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