Friday, June 15, 2012

A Summer Moment

Today we had a cozy little moment in our backyard...
We had bon bons, pretty little cookies, and cream soda. Yumm!
We tested out one of our floor cushion,
 enjoyed fresh strawberries,
 and enjoyed the beautiful weather! 
 Stick around, and I'll share the recipe for these 
darling sugar cookies, sometime in the next week!

I'll also share how to make the bons bons, 
and these darling burlap and lace pom poms!
Won't you come eat sweets with me awhile?! ;)

Have a lovely weekend!!



  1. Perfection ! What a pretty little garden party. Love everything that you did.

  2. I'd very much join u for a garden party. Even if it wasn't half as beautiful as this one! Martha, move on over !!!

    1. :) Thank you. I sure would love to have you!


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