Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doily Pacifier Clip Tutorial

It is the middle of the night and I am rummaging around the house, bleary-eyed, dumping out the toy boxes, peering under beds, emptying the diaper bag... there it is! In the bathtub! Phew. Stuff it in the mouth and crawl back into bed. 

For every pacifier in the house, there needs to be a clip.
The one pacifier that has one is so much easier to keep track of.
The ones at Target are just so boring though!
Just a piece of ribbon and I'm supposed to pay $10+?!?
Unacceptable. :)

So lets make one! :)

Here is a pacifier clip I made for my little girl, 
that is much cuter and cheaper than others I've found in stores!
I used a flower and some snaps from my stash, 
some Lace on a Roll and a clip from the jewelry section at Michaels.
 First, cut a piece of the lace to 12". 
Then, thread the lace through the loop on the clip. 
If you get this exact same lace on a roll, it is sticky backed,
 so just stick the pieces together.
 If you are using other type ribbon, just put some super glue in 
between and press the layers together. 
Any flower will work. Or button... As long as it is not a size that 
will be a choking hazard if it should fall off. 
An extra extra large size button would be cute!
I chose to use this flower from my stash of flowers.
 Using a needle and thread, 
sew the flower or button onto the lace just below the clip.
 Then using glue and tweezers, fold and glue the raw end of the 
lace. If you are using regular ribbon, just singe it with a lighter.
 Then sew a snap onto the back side of the lace, on the opposite end 
from the flower. The sides of the snaps should be 2" apart. 
 That is all! 
Snap on a pacifier, clip to baby's shirt, and cross your fingers that 
this pacifier won't get lost! :)
Do you like the little flower? It is super simple to make... I will be 
sharing a tutorial of it sometime next week, so come back and 
check out how easy it is! :)

Have a good wknd!


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