Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cotton & Lace Pom Pom Tutorial

Today I'm sharing how to make the white pom pom
from last weeks picnic...


1-2 yards of Cotton Fabric
Rotary Cutter and Mat 
Fabric Scissors
Styrofoam Ball
Some Lace
Sewing Machine
Optional: Ruffler Foot
Hot Glue and Gun
6" Piece of Ribbon

Cut the fabric into 5" strips on the bias to help prevent fraying.
Now fold the strips the long way like we did in the 
burlap pom pom tutorial and gather along the fold.
Or, if you don't have a ruffle foot,
just use your machine to gather/ ruffle using a long, loose stitch.
If you haven't before, you can learn how to ruffle here.
 Repeat with all of your strips.
 Roll your ruffles in a spiral to make rosettes.
Using hot glue, glue the rosettes onto 
the ball folded/ gathered side down. 

Repeat previous steps with your lace.
If you are using a chunk of lace, first cut it into 
strips like you did with the fabric.
 Continue gluing the rosettes onto the ball until you only have a 
small space of the ball showing. Fold the ribbon in half and glue
it down to the ball, making a loop. Secure with lots of glue.
 Continue to glue on the cotton and lace until all surfaces of the 
ball and the base of the ribbon are covered. Trim off any fabric that 
sticks out too far, to make the ball more round.
 You are finished! :)
Make a few, or make some burlap ones to hang with it!
 These are cute to hang outside, at your wedding, anywhere in
your home, for a party... Wherever! I think mine will end up in 
my pool room. Have fun! 


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