Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Skirt Redo

"I'm just gonna shock the pool real quick", turns into a bigger job
when you splash chlorine on your new summer skirt!

I love lil cotton skirts for throwing on over my swimsuit 
when the surprise company rolls in. Really, we never know 
how many people we'll have over each evening! I love that
everyone is comfy to come here, but I have to be prepared
with handy clothes to cover up when evening comes! :)

So I was sure disappointed to get a bleach stain on one of my 
favorite pieces... 
 Well, a lil bit of time at my sewing machine, and its good to go!

Here is how I did it...
I used my skirt (of course),
fabric scissors,
fabric marker,
a scrap of stretchy cotton,
sewing machine,
walking foot,
and thread.

(If you don't have a walking foot, you'll want to 
use a fabric stabilizer behind the applique!) 

First, I found an image on Google Images that I liked,
and then sketched the image onto the cotton using my fabric marker.
Then, I cut the shape out and pinned it onto my skirt 
in a place that would cover the stain.

 Using my walking foot, I sewed the applique onto the skirt,
slowly and carefully, making sure not to sew the back of
the skirt to the front!
 This is from the back...
I guess I didn't quite center it over the stain, oops!
 But, lucky for me, you can't tell from the front! :)
Once you are done sewing, it might look kinda junky.
Don't worry! Just carefully trim any wonky pieces, 
throw it through the wash to get rid of the ink,
 and there you are! :) No more bleach stain! 
 If you use fabric stabilizer, I'm sure it will turn out better than
mine did, but when you organize your craft room, its sometimes
hard to find things that you  tucked away! ;)
Anyone else have that problem?!
Anyways, I like my "new" skirt! I might have to dig in the kid's
dressers for more stained clothes to fix up! 

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