Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dahlia Birthday Cake

We had a little girl birthday in our home a lil while ago...

I had so much fun making her a dahlia cake.
I've seen a few people around the web make smaller versions of this on cupcakes and I thought it'd be fun in a bigger scale!

 It was pretty simple to make.

 I just baked, stacked, and frosted two round cakes, and then arranged the petals in top.

The petals are made from large marshmallows.

Just use scissors to cut them in half on a diagonal,
 and then dip the sticky inside into sugar sprinkles.

Arrange them onto fresh frosting so that they stick,
add some decorative sprinkles to the center, 
and you're finished! 

It's a simple and cheap way to fancy up a plain cake, and I'm sure almost any little girl would be pleased to get such a pretty cake! :)

You could use mini marshmallows on cupcakes, 
or even experiment with those huge marshmallows 
that have been in stores lately! 

Any questions? Feel free to ask! :)




  1. Pret-tey! :) Looks very "pro" I must say.
    Best of luck to Hubby now when he's back to work. You sure realize what a blessing health and work is when it's been "away" for a while! xoxo Kaisa

  2. Thanks Kaisa! :) I agree, we don't realize how much we take for granted til its gone! What a huge reminder to be thankful for what we have today.

  3. Hi Sylvie, I just discovered your blog via a pin on Pinterest. This cake is amazing and so is your blog.

    1. Hey Sew_Lin! Oh you are so sweet! Thank you so much! :) It really keeps me motivated when I get sweet comments like yours! :)


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