Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upcycled Tee Shirt to Toddler Dress Tutorial

I love finding cute knit tee shirts in thrift stores and 
turning them into darling little pieces for kids.

This short-and-wide tee was 
less than a dollar. I liked the fabric, 
it is a knit with little holes in it, almost like
mesh but real small holes, and its so soft.
It now is a sweet little breezy summer dress.
Nearly free, and some sewing therapy for me! 
Got an old Tee in your closet?
Here is how I did it...

Use a dress that you like the fit of and 
has similar elasticity to the tee shirt.
Fold both in half with the fronts inside.
Tuck the sleeves of the pattern dress inside out,
trace, and then cut out the body.
You should be left with this when you open it:
Now, using the sleeves on both garments, 
follow the same steps again;
 ignoring the body of the dress this time.
You should end up with this:
(I unfolded one so you get a better idea)
Place the pieces all facing down with the neck making a circle
and the sleeves next to the neck on either side.
Pin the sleeves on, being sure to slightly overlap the neck pieces.  
Sew using a zig-zag stitch or serge along the pins. 
Now fold the dress in half at the shoulders 
with right sides facing together and
 pin down the sides and the bottom of the sleeves
and sew along the pins. 
You're almost done!! 
Now for the bottom, I used the bottom slice of the tee 
that was leftover. Just leave it in its "circle" shape, 
trim it into a straight strip (about 3" tall) and 
gather all around the raw edge. 
Pin to the dress facing upward around it- 
with right sides together, and sew all the way around.
Press your seams and you're finished!
Here is another one I created 
the same way, from an old garment.


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