Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birds of a Feather: Bird Silhouette Wall Art Tutorial

In love with this living room
My grandma gave me this gorgeous vintage doily tablecloth.
These cute little birds "help" me to display it proudly on my wall. 
While I cannot give you grandma's beautiful doily, I can share 
with you how to make the bird silhouettes.
You will need cotton scraps, fabric scissors, an iron, and Stiffen Quik spray.
If you are a perfectionist like me, you might want to start by cutting your desired bird shape
from a piece of scrap paper. I just googled  flying bird images, and used them as a guide
for my bird shapes. 
Next, spray the fabric thoroughly with the stiffener per the instructions on the bottle.
Once the fabric has completely dried and is stiff, use the paper cutout as a guide
 to cut your bird from the fabric. 
You are almost finished! 
Now, using a hot iron with NO STEAM on the cotton setting, simply iron the bird right to the wall. 
Just press the hot iron over top of the fabric for about 6 seconds. 
Really. That's it! 
This will not harm your paint at all, and they will peel right off 
no problem when you are done or want to move them.
Now cut out a whole flock and set them free across your wall! 
Don't forget to use your leftover scraps for fun little surprises in any room!
P.S. Here is a little trick I used... 
If you want a bird in a place where your cord doesn't let you reach,
 just warm the iron and then unplug it and quickly iron that bird up. 
No need to dig out the extension cord! 


  1. I recently found your blog and I adore your style!!! I'm super excited to find this post because the decals are out of my ramen noodle budget;), but these are completely doable + renter friendly =Happy Dance!! I really enjoyed the industrial shelves as well, and your patience in answering the same questions over and over again! Super sweet! I wish I could sew because you have the cutest baby-kid clothing ideas and tutorials, but I'm definitely the Pinterest person that types "NO sew projects" every time. Anyway so glad to find your blog, I look forward to reading more and catching up to date! Many blessings to you and all of yours, Mary

    1. Hello Mary! Thank you so very much for the kind words, you made my day! Comments like yours are what keep me blogging. I had to chuckle about the ramen noodle budget, I can totally relate! :) I am glad you found inspiration here, I hope you come back often and continue to be inspired. Hugs, Sylv


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