Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cowl Neck Scarf From Straight Scarf Tutorial

                         Problem: Scarf tails falling over shoulder   Solution: Turn it into a cowl so it 
                             while cajoling the little ones around.                will stay in place! 
All you need is your scarf, sewing machine, and coordinating thread.
Set your machine to zigzag stitch, and the longest stitch setting.
Line up the ends of the scarf, making sure that there are no twists in the circle.
Run it through your machine so that the needle picks up both pieces as it stitches.
Don't forget to start with a back stitch! 
If you get close to the end and it isn't lining up, just pull the shorter end to 
the right length and continue to sew til the end. Back stitch. 
Trim your threads and you are done! 

Here is what i should look like when you lay it flat.
Enjoy your much simpler no- hassle scarf!

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