Friday, October 5, 2012

Regular Pants To Maternity Pants Tutorial

It is super easy to turn your regular pants into maternity pants that will fit you throughout your pregnancy, and right after delivery!

Here is what you will need:
Pants that fit you pre-pregnancy
Fabric Scissors
Sewing machine with denim needle and coordinating thread
Straight Pins
Stretchy cotton knit (I used the front of an old tank top)

First, cut the front of the pants off. Start just below the pocket openings, and cut under the zipper.
 Using the panel that you cut off, fold your knit in half, and cut it the same height as your cut panel, and 1-2 inches narrower on the sides.
The fold should be along the top of the waist of the pants piece.
 Next, pin the knit to the pants (right sides facing), along the bottom of the cut edge.
 Using a strong stitch, sew along the pins (or use a straight and then a zigzag stitch).
 Now pin the sides of the panel to the sides of the pants (right sides together), and sew. They will not lay flat once pinned like this, that is ok.
 Trim and press your seams, and you are done! :)
No, I did not press my seams before this pic, just pretend! ;)

-Sylvie :)


  1. I LOVE the freshly pressed seams. he, he...

  2. Thank You! I loved this. I have a latex allergy and can't wear most of the pregnancy pant available.

    1. Well perfect! And they are waaaay cheaper than the pregnancy pants available! I have an expensive pants allergy, ;) and I can't justify buying expensive pants that will only fit me for a short period of time! Good luck!


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