Thursday, October 11, 2012

There Is A Buck In My Living Room

Does your husband have a mount that he would like to hang in the living room? Is your living room not one bit hunting camp/ lodge style? You can make it work! :)
Ok, I'll be honest... I actually asked Mr. Liv to move the buck from above the stairs into the living room. I like it! :) That was another moment he looked at me like I'd lost my mind (like when I told him I do like hearts)! 
 I picked up an empty frame for cheap at a garage sale, taped off the linen part, and spray painted it semi- gloss white. I think the pretty frame around it makes it not feel so hunter-ish. I love the contrast between the feminine frame and flowers and the masculine buck.

Here is another mount I love from White Faux Taxidermy...
  White Moose Head w/White Antlers - Faux Taxidermy - Chic & Trendy

Thanks for reading! :)

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