Friday, July 26, 2013

Easy and Cheap Wallpaper Knock Off- Wall Update

I have been seeing super cute dot wallpaper around the web and loving it.
The way I did my dot wall though, is a lot cheaper, faster, and easier to do and way easier to remove when I am sick of it someday!
I just used a black posterboard, a hole puncher, and some double sided sticky tape!  
(I got my circle punch from Micheals.)

Just punch out a bunch of circles from the poster board- the amount will vary depending on how close you want your dots and how big your wall is.
Put a piece of double sided sticky tape on each dot and stick it to the wall. That's all! 
I just eyeballed it to get my dots in their places, but you could use a tape measure if you wanted to make sure they are exact.
They have been up there for a while, and not one dot has fallen!
Luckily the kids haven't realized how easily they peel off, 
so they haven't rained on my parade! :) 

You could do this same thing with stars in a kids room, or triangles, or... 

Have fun!


  1. What a great idea!!
    Adds alot on interest to a bare wall...
    Kudos Sylvie!!

    Linda :o)

  2. I love the thought of STARS instead of dots! Thanx for giving me that idea. :)
    ...oh, and I just added your blog to my favorites. You've got so many yummy recipes and fun crafts here! :)
    Lots of smiles from Norway!

    (oh, I'm a sister of "pellerina" and "MeWoman" - FYI.) :)

  3. Thanks Sofia! I'm glad you are here! :)


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