Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Way to Package a Gift: Origami Boxes

I love to make my own gift packaging using things that I have on hand... 
Usually if a gift is small enough, 
I will fold up an Origami box using this video tutorial
Wrap some yarn around it, and you're all set! :)  
This one was also a baby girl gift I made.
And these boxes were for boys wallets I mentioned here.

I also managed to cram this entire gift into one of these little boxes too! She was surprised at how much was in that little box when she opened it! :)

Add a little homemade card on top, and you are sure to get a smile!

Have fun!


  1. Brilliant!
    I only just started doing this, with cereal boxes! I have a template if you want it, it's for a box about this size, I should do a blog post about it, because why not share stuff like this, it's earth friendly and cute!! Right?!
    Tammy xx

  2. Hi Tammy! Thanks for shopping by! You totally should do a post about it. I would love to see how you make them! :)

  3. Those are really sweet. I have seen these before but I've never tried making one.

  4. Hey Jennifer! Give it a try sometime! They seem to turn out well everytime. :) Its rewarding!


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