Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Gift From An Old Tee Shirt DIY

Remember my baby gift tutorial that I posted earlier this spring?
Well, I made another baby girl gift using the same steps!
For this project, I used an upcycled tee shirt for fabric...

I packaged it in a little origami box I made form cardstock, 
topped with one of my handmade flowers.
When I want to make an origami box, 
I just look up a origami box tutorial on youtube!
You could make this same project for a boy, 
using a sailboat, car, bike, whale, owl... on the shirt!
 I used my walking foot to sew on the heart. I still haven't located 
my fabric stabilizer; it sure would have been nice to have some!
Also, rather than a ruffle, I just added a stack of raw 
fabric strips as the hem. It made a neat layered look!
To make the little headband, I simply sewed the ends of a  long rectangle 
piece of knit together, then sewed a tube of knit around the seam!

Here is what my first outfit of this sort looked like:
You can find the tutorial here.



  1. I cannot wait to try these! Congrats on your ABM feature :)



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