Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reader To Reader Inspiration

How about some inspiration for you, from another reader just like you?!

Sarah and Fotis D of El Segundo, CA used our
 Industrial Shelf Tutorial here to create their own version!

Aren't they pretty! I love the colors they chose!
Nice work Sarah and Fotis, and thank you for sharing!!

Here is what mine look like...
I still smile at these shelves every time I walk into the room!:)
You can find the tutorial, and a materials list here.



  1. I love your website. I accidentally came across it today. Good Luck with your etsy store. YOU have beautiful items. I will be visiting often:) Kristin

  2. Do you have a twitter?? Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! Sweet comments like yours make my day! :) I do not have a twitter, but you can contact me personally at sylvieliv(at)yahoo(dot)com!


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