Monday, August 27, 2012

This Kitchen Makes Me Want To Puke In My Mouth..

This lovely kitchen was put in in the 80s. It's the same age as me.
Only difference is I've made a few updates to myself since then, 
and this kitchen is still EXACTLY the same!! Heave. Heave.

If my kitchen was a person, it would have big hair, a black (with puffy neon words) shirt that looks more like a tent, a pair of super long-butt pants, and blue eye shadow that is like, the bombdigity! 
The counter is stained, has holes in it, and has this stellar texture- 
perfect for gathering all the food my kids leave behind! 
I keep threatening Mr. Liv that if something isn't done about that counter, he may not find any clean underwear in the magic refilling drawer anymore! ;) 
The top cupboards gather all my awesome stash.
You know, the stash that some soft sweet voice tells you is so convenient to have, while a harsh low voice is telling you to PITCH THE JUNK BEFORE IT COMES ALIVE AND TAKES OVER!!! 
The trim under the cabinets was done wrong. Well, where actually WAS done, it was done wrong! 
Yikes! I could do better myself!!
The 1980s cupboards are in desperate need of some paint, new stain, or maybe they're actually in need of being hurled to the curb!
The tile back splash is not all there, due to a cupboard moving project that I started without Mr. Liv. What? Me? I would never!!

The knobs where once brass, 
but now have a layer of chipping black paint on them... 
The appliances don't match. Now I'm no fan of fancy matchy- wahtchy, but they're THREE different colors!!! Maybe I should bust out the paint!?
The sink is one of those really cool ones that the finish wears out after a while, and next thing you know, your denture cleaner up and eats the finish off the bottom of the sink! (NO, I don't have dentures, I just have denture cleaner... Sheesh!) 
I found a lovely new faucet at a garage sale, but it doesn't fit the gorgeous sink, so I'm still waiting to find an awesome sink in someone's junk pile! 
I have these tremendous urges to put a little Band-Aid on my pride and go ahead and point out the two things I like about my kitchen... and then go on about why I haven't tackled redoing it yet.

But I'm gonna go ahead and say it... 
I need help with this big project! 
Ok, phew, it's out there! 
The first step is admitting your problem right? :)

Insert: Mandi from Vintage Revivals... 
Mandi is giving away another Epic Room Makeover!!! 
My kitchen NEEDS this makeover SOOOO bad! 

Dear Mandi,
   I have a problem. Her name is 1980's Gloomy Eyesore. She still is healthy, and operates well, but she is hideous and gloomy. She could really use a shot of your bright cheerfulness, as well as some serious plastic surgery. 
  I have seen the face lifts that you have previously performed, and I am thoroughly impressed with your work. You are a perfect candidate to operate on 1980's Gloomy Eyesore. Now, remember, she is very near and dear to me, as I spent many hours a day with her, and she is the center of my home. 
  I strongly believe that we, as a team, can restore her to her former beauty. We all deserve to age with grace, and I would hate to see her get left behind, in the pit of stonewashed jeans. 
  If you indeed come here with your paintbrush and screwdriver in hand, she and I will do all that we can to perform our best for you. Together with her I will make you the most delicious meal you've ever experienced. She will stand strong in front of us no matter how much we put her through. Of this I am convinced. 
  Please Mandi, come help out 1980's Gloomy Eyesore! It will definitely be a hoot and a holler and a stellar time!!!

P.S. Michigan is just plain lovely in the fall. 
       You have to experience it! :)

Love, Sylvie

Mandi can work wonders in any room. I spend most of my day in this room, yet it is the ugliest room in the house! 
I really need Mandi and her pal Hailee to come storming in here and help me whip this room into shape! 

So why am I telling you lovely readers about this?
I need your help too!

September 7- 14, I need you all to head over to Vintage Revivals and VOTE FOR ME!!! Tell all your friends and enemies to vote for me too!! I will definitely remind you all on Sept 7 to cast your vote.
Thanks so much guys, cross your fingers for me!



  1. good luck!! wouldn't that be lovely??
    In case you don't win thou, sometimes God is pretty good at helping out too...;)
    xoxo Kaisa

  2. I will vote for you if you remind me. Good Luck!!!

  3. You've got my vote, come September! Good luck!

  4. Thanks guys! :) I'm counting on you!!!

  5. Sylvie! What a fun post! I loved all of the 80s plugs! We could totally work some serious magic in your cute kitchen! Thanks for entering and good luck!!

    Love your guts

  6. Oh, your poor kitchen. Good luck.


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