Friday, August 3, 2012

Birch Bark Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Yesterday, I posted how to turn birch bark into paper.
As promised, today I am sharing with you an idea for your paper...

First I made cupcakes...
Good old Betty Crocker box mix is still my fave! :) 
Then I made Cloud Frosting.
I used this recipe from Always With Butter.
I actually made a half a batch and still had extra!
It is super yummy... like an extra fluffy marshmallow fluff!
I just put the frosting into a gallon size zip bag, snipped off the corner,
and piped it onto the cupcakes in a circular motion.
 Anyways, enough about the cupcakes! :) 

Here is how I made the flags...
fold it lengthwise, and cut small triangles along the fold.
 Then smear the entire backside of the diamond shape with a glue
stick, place a toothpick in the center, 
and fold the paper around the toothpick.
 Now repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat...
 And stuff them into your cupcakes or cake! :)
Enjoy! :)



  1. Cute :) I like all ur ideas, they are fun and easy and NOT tacky!! We are surrounded by birch trees here in Finland... maybe I should try this little project too!!

    1. Awe thanks! You def should try ot out! It's super easy! Send me a pic if you do! :)


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