Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Hat Redo

Here is a quick little nap time project I did today...
I picked up this lil girls hat for $0.20 at the thrift store! 
I didn't love the old ribbon, and the flowers are just not me... 
 So a quick makeover and now I love it! :) $0.20!!!
 The ribbon was just hot glued to the hat, so I pulled it off, and hot glued
a new ribbon on from my bin! I made the bow by folding a large loop 
in the ribbon, and then a small loop around that. I hot glued it all in place,
and that is it! :) From summer hat to fall, just like that! 
Here is an little girls fall outfit idea for what to wear with it...
Hat: Thrifted
Sweater & Shoes: Zara
Burlap Purse: SylvieLiv
Ruffle Tank & Leggings: TJMaxx
Skirt: Target

Have a good week!! :)


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