Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Buttons On Old Dress Redo

Why do we put things off that only take up minutes to complete!?
This was one of those projects that sat there forever waiting to be done.
 Once I finally did it, I wondered- why did I wait so long?! 
It was easy and fast!  
I picked up this little girls dress at the thrift store, and didn't like the cheap plastic buttons that came on it. So I dug through my button stash, and found mix matching metal buttons. 
Much better! :) 

Don't put it off any longer! 
Hop up and do that quick project you've been putting off! 

Enjoy your day, my lovely readers! :)

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  1. Definitely a lot better after you replaced the buttons! Awesome! It's crazy how the tiny details make all the difference!


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