Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime Thoughts

'Stop and enjoy the small stuff Sylv.' ...I tell myself this all the time.

I've always been in a hurry. I've been told a handful of times, 
"Have patience sweetheart, your day will come."

I wanted to get married when I was 16. I remember feeling like the fact that I didn't get my driver's lisense right on my 16th birthday was such a traumatic experience. 

I wanted to be in our forever home promptly after we married. 
How could I get settled in an apartment  knowing we'd only be there a short while!? 

I already want to be a gramma- it looks so fun. 
Snuggling and spoiling these babies all while still getting sleep at night!? I'm in!

I want to be retired so I can travel with Mr. Liv... 
I watch my grandparents charging all around the nation together, and it looks so dreamy!

But. I'm here in this crazy busy stage of motherhood. And I bet I'm going to miss it. 
I wonder if someday, when I'm older, I'll wish life would rewind instead of fast forward. 

Living in the moment is hard for me. I'm anxious as well as excited for the future. 
But when I stop to remind myself to slow down and enjoy today, things go smoother.  

Today I scooped up my wayward toddler, went out in the yard, and picked a pretty peony to bring into the kitchen. We took our time, and enjoyed ourselves. I lived in the moment with her for that little while that we meandered on the grass. 

Now I have this beautiful reminder sitting on my counter, reminding me to live for today. 
For tomorrow, it may no longer be a beautiful flower, as it will wither and die.

Do you find yourself living in the future?

Enjoy your weekend! Don't forget to stop and smell the roses! :)


  1. What a lovely post, Sylvie...
    And so true...
    I did stop and smell the roses...well..not roses...but life!!

    Linda :o)

  2. I think we are cut out of the same rock... We are go getters... Can't change who we are, but it doesn't hurt to put the breaks on and breath at times :)

    Not sure if I'm ready to become a granma just yet though... That would mean that my KIDS are having babies!! Yikes.

  3. ;) Someone once told me that grandchildren are the dessert in life. Isn't that precious!


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