Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And then.... We got our kids to eat fried eggs.

I'm serious. Every one of them at their FRIED egg. All gone. Happy plates.
All we had to do was make some heart and star shaped Toad-In-The-Hole! 
I don't know why its called that, so you better not ask.
There is no toad involved, but there is a hole...

A cookie cutter hole in a piece of bread.
Butter in the pan.
Plop the bread in the pan.
Crack the egg (the Toad I guess) into the hole.
Cook to your own liking- however you like your toad, that's fine.

It was too good an accomplishment not to share w ya'll!
I love when my kids happily eat something different!


  1. Haha yes! We call them "one eyed gypsies" and that makes even less sense, but It's the only way I eat fried eggs myself! Here's the craziest: I eat it with strawberry jam on top.

  2. Funny, I'll have to whip that name out on my kids and see what they think! :) Jam sounds good on them!


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