Monday, May 6, 2013

Girls Linen Dress

There is nothing like a sweet little linen dress. 
I love that linen goes with anything, its classic, and such a nice fabric. 
And its easy to work with! 
I made my own sleeve pattern using a dress from lil Ms. Liv's closet. 
I also (obviously) used one piece of fabric for the skirt, rather than making a color block one.

Here is her version of the dress:
This is a super easy tutorial to follow, and you can't beat a free pattern! :) 
I love that this dress is a one piece outfit!

Have a good week, my lovely readers! :)

++++Update: I added below image to give you guys an idea of the shape of the sleeve pattern I came up with.+++++
The piece underneath is the one I used. 
The pattern piece on top is the one that is part of the color block dress pattern. 
This example is for size 2T.

I haven't yet spent the time figuring out how to make pdf patterns for ya'll, so this is what you get for now! :) 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this dress, I'm head over heels for linen. would you happen to have the sleeve pattern or a rough idea? thank you!!

  2. Hey Heather, Thank you! I sure love linen too. I do not have a pattern, since I just used an existing sleeve as a pattern, but I can update this post with a rough drawing of what I did. I'll just add it onto the end of this post once I complete it! :)


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