Friday, November 15, 2013

Turn A Basket & A Pulley Into A Light DIY

I get SO excited when I can redo something in this here house, 
and make something I love happen without spending a penny!!! 
So. I turned my scrap basket into my dining rm light (pulley was kicking around in Mr. Liv's Shop). Squeeeel!!!
We had just a plain shade hanging there. It was fine. But kinda boring.
So my sweetest hubby took it down, threaded the wire through a pulley and the bottom center of the basket, and hung it back up!
I am in love!! (With him and my new light!)

Well folks. I was going to do a tutorial on how to take down your ceiling light, redo it, and re hang it... butah... I am not really much of an electrician actually. And Mr. Liv did it so fast, I was standing there on the table with my camera stuttering and fiddling with my camera settings and the next thing I knew- TADA!!!! Mission complete! Husband back out in his shop. So. I'm sorry friends. No tutorial. Ask your Hubby or your Dad for help. Or maybe Google it?! 

Thanks for reading!
Really. You guys rock.

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