Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Bouncy Seat Redo

This bouncy seat has been around since my first baby. It was time for a change! I just used a half a yard of stretchy knit, and an old black tee shirt to make a new cover for it! 
It was super easy, I just traced the existing cover, serged the seams, and stretched it over the frame. I did not use any padding. Since the cover is stretchy, Littlest Liv is comfy in it- suspended like a knit infant carrier!

I like the seat much better now, and don't mind it being in my living space! 

Have a good weekend! :)

Disclaimer: I did not do a tutorial on this, as I am not a professional, 
and I would not want anyone's baby to be hurt because of my directions! 

I understand that recovering a baby seat can be risky, and I assure you, my child is not in this seat unsupervised. 
With that being said, lets agree to not talk about infant safety any further. Thank you! 

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