Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silky Flower Tutorial

When I need a little therapy for my mom-brain,
and I don't have much time,
I make flowers of all kinds. 
They are fast, easy, and they make me smile.

They especially make me smile when they are free projects! 

Have any old silky shirts in the back of your closet?
(This one was 100% polyester, it worked very well)
Lets get started...

First, cut flower shapes from the flat panels of the shirt. 
They don't need to be perfect- once singed, it won't matter.
Carefully singe all raw edges by holding near a flame.
Once you are done with the petals, find a center piece.
I used another singed piece of fabric I had laying around,
and a vintage button from my button stash...
Stack the petals however they look nice, placing the centerpiece in the middle, and sew the stack together tightly. 
And... you are done!! 

These are fun to sew onto baby hats,
baby headbands, 
pins for scarves or jackets, 
or even just tape it to a pot!  

Happy flower-making! 

P.S. Thank you Grandma, for the shirt!! :)


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  1. You are awesome!! Love how easy it is. I'm going to show my girls (cuz you know I'll never get around to doing this) :)


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