Friday, April 27, 2012

Toddler Buttoning Activity Tutorial

Here is a simple activity for toddlers... 
It builds coordination, it teaches them buttoning, and it is quiet.

This is how I made it...

I used my Accuquilt Go! fabric cutter to cut out a stack of flowers.
I cut them from wool felt using the Rose of Sharon cutter. 
Wool felt will hold up better than cheaper acrylic felt.

Then, I tied the ends of a 10" piece of ribbon to the buttons.
Tie them in double knots, and heat the knots with a lighter to help them stay in place.

Then, I cut small buttonholes in the flowers.

Now your little one can thread them on and off of the ribbon! 

This is a perfect toy for in church, or any quiet place! 

Happy Friday!


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