Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Gatlinburg Getaway

My Hubby and I had a lovely little vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.
On Sunday, we dropped the kids at my parents and hit the road.
We were just giddy. We felt like teenagers again, driving off with no care in the world but each other. 
We rented a little cabin in the woods on the side of the mountain. It is beautiful there. We were impressed with how steep those mountain roads were.
 We spent a lot of time checking out the little shops downtown, 
and bought some Easter candy for the kids.
We went to Ripley Aquarium, it was so neat!
We loved the shark exhibit 
but it was dark and hard to get a good picture of it. 
  These king crabs were HUGE! 
There was so much to look at!
 We went for a mountain hike on a trail that followed a river.
There were so many stunning views along the way. 
 Friday came quickly, and we were sad to leave.
But we are so thankful for that time together, 
and so happy to see our little ones again. 

Have a good weekend!                 -Sylv

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