Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Favorite Peeps

The kids and I put together some Easter treats for their friends...
Here is what we did:

Gather your supplies.You will need: Peeps, Sandwich Bags, Stapler, and Labels. 
To make the labels, I first made the image using picnik. I don't have any fancy programs to help me with formatting so I just pasted it into a word document twice and move the bottom margin down. Then I printed it onto white cardstock.
 Colored cardstock would be cute too!
To make the labels fit the bags, first cut the page in half. 
 Now fold each one in half horizontally. 
 Trim the ends to match the width of the baggie. 
 Now place the baggie into the fold.
 And staple the paper down to the plastic.
The kids loved helping to stuff the peeps into the bags.
They also had fun deciding 
who their "favorite peeps" are to give them to. :)


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