Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bathroom Before and After

This is an old project, but since we aren't getting much new projects done lately, I'll share some projects from the past...
When we moved into our home, our bathroom looked like this.
I don't think it was updated since the house was built.
The linoleum was yellowed and peeling. 
The toilet seat was one of those that lets stored bathroom air out onto the back of your legs every time you sit down. 
The Hollywood strip light just didn't cut the mustard in my book...

So we (meaning my hubby) tackled it.
So much better! He did everything himself. New tile floor, new lighting, plumb in another sink, install sinks, install new toilet, replace outlet covers and bathroom fixtures... 

 We used the cabinets from either side of the sink to make a new one above the toilet. I painted the walls. I painted over the lovely shell border on the top of the shower tiles.
Finishing touches were a new shower curtain, 
bath mat, mirror, and window curtain.
Here is another before and after for the dramatic effect...
Don't I have the best husband!! :)

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