Monday, April 16, 2012

Update On My Sweetheart

  I brought my husband to our family doctor today for a follow up appointment.  After another X-ray, the doctor determined that both of his collar bones are dislocated, and confirmed that there are 4 broken ribs. 
  He will have physical therapy/rehab for 4 weeks. He cannot work for at least 3 weeks. 
  We are so happy that it is not bad enough to order an immediate surgery. Today he has a little less pain. Things are looking up, we are so thankful. 
His fiberglass hard hat protected his head from injury.
The plastic hard hat he wore earlier this year would have 
completely crushed under the 4500 lb lid. 

...My fingers are itching to create. 
Hopefully as things settle into a temporary new "normal,"
 I'll get a chance to get a little sewing machine therapy!


  1. I'm so glad he's going to be okay! That man is built like an ox, I tell you! The normal sized man would've been crushed much worse. Enjoy having his company all to yourself for the next few weeks!

  2. Oh, what a relief! Enjoy each others company, and cherish this special time together with thankful hearts. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that thou... Say hi to him and best wishes on his recovery. What a reminder for us all...

  3. Yes, this time is bittersweet. Although I am sad that he has to be hurt, I have this happy feeling inside me that I get to have him home for three whole weeks! It is such a strong reminder. I am glad we do not have to be apart just yet, I just want to hold on to him.


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