Friday, October 18, 2013

Upcycled Baby Gift Tutorial For Boy or Girl

Yep. I made another shirt and pants baby outfit!
This one is definitely a favorite of mine! :)
First, I dyed a onesie using a little black Rit Dye.
Then I used this homemade stamp tutorial to add a feather on the front. 
I'm sure loving feathers lately!
(Don't forget to put something thick between the shirt layers! 
I used a few layers of wax paper this time.)
For the pants, I used a tee shirt that was getting bored sitting in my closet...
 I made the pants using this tutorial. I used the shirt hem for the bottom hem- big time saver!
There was enough fabric left in the middle of the shirt to make a matching hat. Yay!
I just traced a baby had I had, adding an extra "peak" at the top...
then I used a pencil eraser to turn it outside out... and then tied it in a knot.
I also made a matching pacifier clip, but didn't do a tutorial on that.
I did do a different pacifier clip tutorial last year- you can find that here.
Other similar upcycled baby outfits I have made can 
be found here, here, here, and here.

Happy sewing!
Thanks for stopping by. :)


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