Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Year Later, Looking Back...

One year ago today, my dear husband had a near death experience in an accident at work.
Looking back, I wouldn't change the past.  We both grew so much from that experience. It was a reminder that each moment that I have him with me is a gift. 
It was also a reminder that our lives are not in our own hands, 
but they are in God's. Before that day, I was feeling pretty in control. I felt like I could handle my life so well. I could decide how things would go. I was clearly shown otherwise.
One thing that hasn't changed though, is that Mr. Liv is still prone to accidents. In the last year, he has bruised, bumped, and gouged himself many times, sometimes deep enough to need stitches... 
Do you think it has anything to do with him always testing the limits!? ;)

Another thing that hasn't changed is the feeling I had immediately after the accident. 
Here is what I wrote: 

"I love this man. I need this man. I feel like he is part of me. Our children love him and need him. I feel like I cannot thank God enough for preserving his life a while longer."  

You can read the full accident story here.

Today I'll hug my loved ones a little closer, 
and feel thankful for our health.

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