Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lovely Christmas Giveaway! NOW CLOSED

As a thank you to all of you- my lovely readers, I have two Christmas giveaways for you! 
There will be two winners. The first winner will receive a set of three wall flowers made by me! Second winner will receive two Christmas stockings made by me, from old coffee bags (the middle one and left one in the pic)! 

To enter to win, just follow this here blog (over on the right there), and then leave a comment telling me about your favorite Christmas memory. The entrant with the most memorable/amusing/interesting comment wins! No essay required. 

Giveaway is open to US residents only. Giveaway is open until Saturday, December 21st 2013, and the winners will be chosen by me and announced here in this post shortly after. 

I can't wait to read your comments! :)

++Update++Thank you all who entered! I really enjoyed reading your comments. The winners are Carrie and Shannon Christine. Winners please contact me with your addresses, and I will have your package on its way soon! :) 


  1. My favorite Christmas memory was from last year. Our baby boy's first Christmas. He was only three months old, and when we first put the lights on the tree we layed him on the floor close to the tree. He stretched his neck so high to see the lights and just stayed like that for the longest time. He was mesmerized and it was the cutest thing. This year, he is 15 months and we took him to see a crazily decorated house and he craned his neck up to see the lights high in the trees-the same way he did a year ago. I have pictures of both memories and am so glad about that!

    PS- love your decor! Thanks for sharing- I am inspired.

  2. My favorite Christmas memory is my siblings and I as children would go outside with our two dogs and take pictures in the snow with them for our Christmas cards and then we would play in the snow with them.. we thought it was the best thing ever;)

  3. A kids dream! Believe it was when I was 7 or 8 my mom brought my 2 older brothers and I to kids-r-us. Gave us a cart and said go pick out what you want for Christmas. I was in toy heaven! My basket was over flowing with pink things, dolls, tea sets, Barbies, games, and I'm sure some candy was in the mix. Since my older brothers were older... They knew not to fill the basket and pick out items they really wanted. I had to pick out favorites and put away quite a bit. All in all I did get the best gifts that year, and the experience of going through the isles with that dazed wonderment and giddiness is still a fond memory for me.

  4. my favorite christmas memory is going to grandma and grandpa's big farmhouse--snow, twinkling lights, warm hugs, delicious smells, lots of love and laughter. my own family now lives in that big farmhouse, and i'm hoping my boys have similar wonderful christmas memories when they are grown.

  5. Aaah. It's so sweet to remember the good old days when life was still so simple. We were still newlyweds. Two very little babies, hubby still in college, absolutely no money for frivolous spending. We had already decided that we wouldn't be doing gifts that year. The babies were too young to know and we already felt so fortunate and happy with our perfect little life and truly felt that money doesn't buy happiness. (Which we still believe!)We each told the other that we didn't need gifts to show our love for each other, either.

    Then it was Christmas eve...I don't remember who mentioned it first, me or hubby. But we both suddenly realized that not celebrating the birth of our savior, not doing anything at all, actually felt very wrong. It is such an important day and we knew we needed to ignore finances, responsibility, etc. and just celebrate the day. We joyously ran to some stores and bought several gifts for the kids and each other. And we had such a precious, cozy little Christmas. And it wasn't because of the gifts, in and of themselves. It was the fact that we made Christmas important.

    Now we have thirteen beautiful children. And many, many years of precious Christmases. I try to remind my children every year that Christmas is not about getting gifts. We give them to make the day special by commemorating the birth of Jesus, just like the wise men did.

    Every Christmas, I remember that one from so long ago. And I realize that it was what i learned and the warm cozy feelings from that night that keeps me from becoming a grumpy stressed out scrooge. And so the tradition of giving my children as wonderful a Christmas as I can continues...

  6. My favorite Christmas memory was one that was sort of a tradition when I was younger. My older brother and younger sister and I woke up early on Christmas morning, every year, so we could wake mom and dad up to open presents. We didn't think much about what the day actually meant or what we were celebrating. All we cared about was the fact that we could finally open the gifts that had been sitting there, tempting our small hands to open them for days on end. So when we finally were able to convince mom and dad to get up, my dad made us all sit down on the couch and tell him what we were celebrating. He wanted to make sure that we grew up knowing what Christmas was all about and not just expecting presents. I always felt that made the day so much cozier and warmer, just being with family and knowing we were celebrating the birth of Jesus. I hope to do the same for my kids when they come along.

  7. My favorite memory was when my mom made us write an essay of sorts. She gave us an object (a potato, a stamp, etc) and we had to write about our life as that object. Sone of the essays were QUITE entertaining!


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