Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorating On A Budget... My Bedroom

Lovely words
For the next couple weeks, I will be bringing home my ABM House Tour
and sharing all the details with you- my lovely readers!
Our home has been furnished and decorated on a very tight budget.
Its half the fun for me; to be able to find things I love without spending our life savings. :) 
So I will share where I got everything and how much it cost, 
to show that it doesn't cost a fortune to have lovely things! 
Enjoy! :) 
Love this bed!
Let's start with my bedroom! 
Bed: Craigslist- $300
Both Night Stand Shelves: Garage Sale- $5
Trunk: Made By Father in Law- $0
Duvet Cover and Shams: Target- $20
White Sheets: Wedding Gift- $0
Folded Blanket: Garage Sale- $1
Silver Lamp: Thrift Store (was originally new from Target)-$10
Small Lamp: I've had since childhood- $0
Vintage bedside Clock: Gift from Mum- $0
Paper Decor: Dollar Tree $2

I wanted to add interest to the empty space above my bed, but didn't want to spend $$. So I used paper! Do not underestimate the power of paper in your decor! The plus sign/ Swiss cross garland I made using 2 poster boards cut into crosses and then sewed them together on my sewing machine. I simply typed up the butterflies print and printed it off. The llama is a clip art that I printed and drew a frame around. I cut out the rest of the pieces from extra paper I had, and taped them all on the wall using washi tape from my stash. The books under my clock are a food book borrowed from Mum, and my journal. 
Oh, that chair!
Dresser: Thrift Store- $30
Chair: Garage Sale- $5
Foot Stool: Garage Sale- $1
Fabric & Paint to Redo Chair & Stool: $18
Pot in Window: Garbage Picked- $0
Candle Holder: Mum's Basement- $0
Beaker Vase: Target Clearance- $4
Little Basket: Local Consignment Shop- $1
Wood Bowl: Local Consignment Shop- $1
Diamond Art: Made Myself with stuff I had- $0

When I found the chair and stool at garage sales, they had old ripped vinyl on them. After much reading and videos over at Miss Mustard Seed, I reupholstered them myself! I got the duck cloth and fabric paint from Joann's, and used coupons on everything. I saved money by not doing any piping on it, and I like it that way! To make the flowers, I made freezer paper stencils to slightly resemble Marrimekko Unikko Print. I painted the fabric before upholstering the chair. 

P.S. My moccasins are thrifted, my sweater is from Love Culture, and my glasses are from Zenni (for super cheap!!!). 
Darling little baby nook
This little baby nook is in the corner of our bedroom. 
Crib: Garage Sale- $10
Abacus: Traded at Craft Sale: $0
Blanket: Made with yard of soft fabric and a Sharpie!- $5
Pillows: Made with linen fabric and paint- $4
Mobile: Made with scraps- $0
Rocking chair and crocheted blanket in front: Gifts from friends- $0

This corner is quite handmade! :) 
I will share more on how to make that mobile soon! 

So my friends... to make my bedroom into a lovely place that I enjoy looking at cost me a grand total of $417.00!!
(This of course doesn't include mattresses, I am assuming you already have those!)

Yep. Don't feel like you can't afford to make your home cute!
These things all slowly accumulated over time. 
And I didn't spend money on anything until I found things I loved.
Our bed was on the floor until that bed showed up on Craigslist!

What do you think? 
Are you looking forward to more of these budget posts?



  1. This is so delightful and super encouraging to see that this is possible. I love all the homemade touches that look professional, and I am stoked to see the tutorial for the mobile!!

  2. I found your blog from your home tour on ABM and came to check it out because I LOVED your home style, so these posts are SUPER exciting and I look forward to more! Thanks :)

  3. Your home is adorable. I love your simple taste. Also, I think we could all use a lesson in not over spending. :)

  4. Found your blog yesterday via A Beautiful Mess. Read it ALL in one sitting! I am so pleased you are telling us more about your space. I have just been redecorating a bedroom for my 11 yo client (daughter) and it has been fun and a valuable lesson to her in budgeting. We had 100 pounds sterling. Not much. 90 went on a new rug and 10 on a wall clock. The rest was given to us (wardrobe) or we already had. A patchwork quilt from the 60s that my Aunt Polly made is the new curtain and dark blue paint left over from another project painted a wall etc. It looks very grown up- and she is keeping it tidy. Any way, it is so fun seeing you be ultra stylish with little cash. A very refreshing change from all the luxe mags and sites. Karen x

  5. I was just looking at your home tour on A Beautiful Mess and thinking, wow, I wish she would share where she got all this stuff! It's so cool to know that you've gotten a lot of it from garage sales and thrift shops. That is definitely encouraging to me as a poor newlywed who still wants our house to look cute and put together! I know it takes time to get the pieces you love, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Thanks so much for sharing!!


  6. I love it! When I saw this on ABM, I thought it was all so cute but probably expensive. So cool to find out that with a little creativity and savvy, I can make my home this beautiful!

  7. I don't know how I found your blog, but I love it so! Thank you for this helpful and beautiful post!

  8. Thank you all, for the sweet comments! Your encouragement really keeps me going. Inspiring others is one of the biggest reasons that I blog. That means you! :)


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